What to look for in a feed when using HUMAC?

What to look for in a feed when using HUMAC to improve their immunity?

  • HUMAC is organic,so it's able to form a bond with everything. If the accurate measure with each meal on a regular basis does not bring the expected results, you may want to switch to another feed.
  • Mussels, prawn , can cause diarrhoea to sensitive animals for 3-4 days, if the sugar beet pulp / intestinal filling material / is high, even vomiting may occur.
  • Bentonite, zeolite, diatomaceous earth can all be collectively found hidden on the labelling under the name minerals or toxin binders. Although these are natural substances and they bind toxins, they also bind everything as they do not make exceptions. In addition, iron deficiency or other mineral deficiencies may occur. It is important to know that you can also neutralize organic humic acid.
  • There is no problem with mushroom extract, but there is with mushrooms. If possible, choose a medicinal mushroom-free feed or supplement for your pet when you use HUMAC.
  • Although the composition and labelling of the feeds comply with the legal regulations, these regulations do not correspond to the health of your pet. The fewer things listed, the more mystery about the ingredients, avoid feeds like this.
  • Don’t expect a miracle from a general feed, or feeds that contain “animal products” and a wide variety of carbohydrates. HUMAC can only help with the nutrient absorption of the given materials.
  • Finally, it is important to mention that the fastest results come from raw or home cooking with HUMAC. Considering that the animal is a predator, we should build its diet based on that, it can only do good. Many people indicate that raw or cooked meat is also loaded with chemicals and antibiotics. Indeed, but this meat is the same that gets into their feed or kibble. The simpler the food, the easier it is to process, the easier HUMAC will cope with toxins and other “excipients”.

We would like to introduce you to reliable hypoallergenic foods in different price categories, which have already been tested by us and many owners.

First place is Wolf of Wilderness based of our customer's experience .

It is used by a lot of our customers, it has good results in case of allergies and it is a great quality feed.

Based on feedback from our users, the following feeds are in sync with HUMAC:

  • Hill's
  • Pro Plan duo delice (beef)
  • Dog chow (lamb)
  • Brit Care
  • N&D feeds
  • Happy Dog Africa
  • Panzi Fit active feeds
  • Eukanuba (salmon)
  • Select gold (salmon and potato)

Of course, it works well with many more types of feed. We find that if you do not notice any change when using Humac in the first 3-4 weeks, it is worth to look for an another type of feed, as it could be that the organic humic acid is neutralized by an ingredient of the feed.

With all forms of feeds, you may experience a slightly looser stool or vomiting in the first week, sometimes with an increase of allergy symptoms. This is a natural process. For the second week, these should disappear, if not, feed change is recommended. In addition, you can use St. John's wort oil for 1-2 months.

Diarrhoea or a drastic increase of symptoms occur with:

  • Taste of the Wild
  • Josera
  • Bosch
  • K9 Natural (lamb)
  • Platinum
  • Farmina Team Breeder

There are two very important secrets to the Humac effect.

  1. It should be added to each meal at 1% of the weight of the food / on a dry diet it can go up to 2% in the first few weeks/
  2. Results need patience! Some animals may experience signs of allergy or intestinal inflammation after the first feeding, but it may take 3-6 months to be completely asymptomatic.

As HUMAC is organic, it can be fed not just in case of illnesses but as a preventative measure as well.

I wish rewarding patience for each hooman!

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