Rose's story continues…

In my opinion, a responsible breeder is constantly learning, improving his knowledge and gaining experience. This is no different in my case. I monitor every vibration of my dogs and document every change.

In addition to several positive effects of Humac humic acid, I would like to highlight a current case.

Lately, I have noticed an other effect of HUMAC which is the time when our dogs come on heat can now be calculated with a day precision. Us breeders know exactly what a nerve grinder can it be when we plan a mating and nothing else separates us from making it all happen, just the long wait, even months of waiting for our dog (s) to come on season.

I have been giving humic acid to my dogs continuously for 2 years now, during this time, based on my experience, all my dogs come on heat exactly (+ - 1 week) same day. The wait is over, I know exactly when I can wait for it to happen. However, their progesterone levels rise as described in the “big book,” they conceive and raise vigorous, healthy offsprings without any problems. Our puppies already absorb the beneficial effects of humic acid with breast milk, and from the age of 3 weeks they eat snacks with humic acid, just like our adult dogs.

We know for sure that the experiences described above can only be realized in healthy individuals, and the health of my dogs is supported by Humac humic acid day in and day out.

Nikolett Illyés

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