Healthy, natural snacks…

Healthy, natural snacks…

When it comes to oral hygiene, it is very important that our dog chews enough and it is something that keeps our pets busy as well. Dental care is a fairly complex topic, the genetic predisposition to tartar cannot be eliminated, so it is extremely important to check our dog’s teeth regularly and, if necessary, remove tartar to avoid a bigger problem.

The range of healthy, natural snacks is very wide, duck, pork and a wide variety of beef products. However not all has the right nutritional value. I have come up with a few ideas to replace smoked pork bone, free of flavour enhancers and other substances.

Bulls pizzlez(dried) - a low-calorie, high-protein snack that is ideal for overweight dogs as well.

Beef throat (dried) - due to its high content of chondroitin and glucosamine, it has been proven to be effective in supporting dog's joints. Low calorie and fat, easy to digest.

Rabbit ears (with fur, dried) - low in fat with gastric and intestinal cleansing effect.

Jerky ball - a semi-dry, smoked meaty delicacy made from the meaty end of bulls. Due to its low calories and high protein content, it is not only easy to digest, but can also be consumed by overweight dogs.

Beef tendon - durable for chewing, supports the natural digestive process.

Beef scalp (dried) - a durable snack.

Beef ears (dried) - low-fat, easily digestible snack.

Pressed rawhide (beef) chews - low in fat, available in different sizes.

In our Facebook group, members using Humac suggested the following ideas :

Furry rabbit skin (rolled up) - supports the natural digestive process, contains protein and fiber. The hair in the animal's body cleanses the intestinal and stomach wall like a “broom”.

Lamb trachea - easy to digest, rich in calcium.

Dried duck neck - easy to digest, can be eaten by overweight dogs or the ones that are with sensitive stomachs due to its low calorie content.

Deer antlers - low calorie chew, rich in calcium and minerals.

Ostrich bone - a durable snack, low in fat and cholesterol, so it can be consumed by dogs with a tendency to gain weight.

Coffee tree chewing stick - hard, natural, easily digestible, also recommended for chewing in case of allergies.

I tried to write things that are also available in smaller pet stores, relatively durable (the rabbit ear is chewed by the eight-pound “pig” for half a day, by the amstaffs for about 30 seconds… However, it is worth having an eye out to get the pressed bones from a reputable manufacturer. Do not go for cheap imitations because chemical residues could remain in the products.

Since there are a lot of allergic four-legged family members on the team, I chose snacks made mostly of beef and rabbit, but feel free to write what you usually use as a chew!

Thank you for the valuable comments to our Humac consumers: Szilvia Bodóczki-Pikó, Eszter Őri-Korompai, Dobi Káli, Judit Bacsa, Gábor Szolnoki, Nikolett Paróczy!

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