When our beloved animal is healthy, our time spent together is happier.

Every animal deserves a healthy and happy life. However, the lack of clean food can lead to allergies and diseases.

Everyday life of pet owners can quickly become bitter when despite all attempts, they can not find a lasting and natural cure. It’s not okay that only expensive drugs can alleviate symptoms and that we have to experiment with cumbersome diets and ointments.

Humac is a 100% natural material that has already helped thousands of owners and their beloved animals. It binds a significant part of the toxins and allergens in their diet and replenishes the missing minerals and trace elements. This supports the regeneration processes of the animal’s body so they will be healthy and happy animals. 

How can we help pet owners to eliminate allergies and strengthen their pet’s immune system?

Em Flak
UK Market Director

Dear Pet Owner!

Us at Humac, want to create a healthier world for all animals. I am Em Flak and I have been in touch with thousands of owners in recent years.

Most people turn to me to help their beloved pet as they scratch themselves, they have fur loss, diarrhoea, allergy symptoms, issues eating, or these owners just want to do everything they can to keep their four-legged companion around for a long time.

It makes the daily lives of pet owners bitter if despite all sorts of medicines, ointments, nutrients and cumbersome diets, they do not find a lasting and natural cure. 

Sometimes it is also hard to find the real cause of the elusive diseases that their pet suffers from. Having Humac as a product, I always feel I have to convey the message of nature to You. I believe that every animal deserves a healthy and happy life. The root of the problems can almost always be traced back to nutrition!

Unfortunately not all foods are clean foods

The production and processing methods of foods can contain foreign substances and toxins in almost all cases, which has an effect on the digestive system of our pets. Health begins in the intestines. If the delicate balance in the intestinal flora is disturbed, it tips, and it is only a matter of time before some comorbidity appears. In addition, the animals' immune systems are not all the same, so they react differently.

There are better and worse foods of course and you can cook delicious ones or just feed them raw. However it is very difficult to make the right choice of what to feed your pet. It shouldn’t be that complicated to take care of our animals.

We are a supportive and open community, committed to sharing knowledge and natural solutions.

We want to give knowledge and tools to all owners so that they can ensure a calm, happy and healthy life for their pets.
We want to contribute to their healthy nutrition, to the complete elimination of diseases caused by their diet.
Join a supportive community where we talk openly about the symptoms caused by the food industry and different foods, varietal diseases and their treatment.

We believe that instead of treating the symptoms, the root causes should be addressed.

Therefore, the work of the pet owner and the expertise of VETs must go hand in hand, as in the past 20-30 years, the effects of civilization starting to show and science does not yet fully understand the connections.

How is Humac different from other humic acid products?

The detoxifying property of humic acid and its positive effect on the immune system are well known. However, not all humic acid products are the same. Humac is currently the only mineral-based humic acid product for animals.
Humic acid is usually extracted from soil, but in order for the body to be able to utilize it, it needs a carrier. Usually it is some kind of salt, so it should not be used regularly, only as a cure. Salt strains the kidneys and long-term use can even have consequences.
Humac differs from other humic acid-containing formulations in that it does not contain salt and is produced without a chemical process by a patented process.
Unlike other humic acid preparations, Humac can be given to animals continously. Humac comes from leonardite, which is formed over millions of years. A living substance that is full of minerals and trace elements that can be utilized by the body.
Another special feature of Humac is the patented process, in which “humic acid” is “activated” while no other substance is added and the product is created without a chemical process. Thus, Humac is a 100% natural “raw material”.

Humac has already helped thousands of owners

Our customers are not looking for a magical powder, but they believe that instead of expensive drugs and ruthless diets, there is a natural solution.

Read reviews from owners like you. You can find hundreds of feedbacks on our site or our Facebook.

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