Zora and the 50km hike…

I think if you love what you do, you will always get creative ideas, suggestions from people, artists call it inspiration. These will move you towards your goal. However, the goal is not a straight line but a forest path, it will become wide and then narrow with lots of twists and turns, oh and those fallen trees and a water flow. When you get out of the woods, you can already see the mountain peak to which you need to find the path leading up.

When I invented Humac for pets, I wanted to market it primarily as an immune booster, because of the toxin binding ability and the abundance of minerals and trace elements it contains. It was hard to get started because Humac is not a simple vitamin bomb or dietary supplement but a raw material in which organic humic acid does its thing.

So what is this a black powder and how would it be able to do anything with a run-down animal body?!

Fortunately, the results came continuously and I was fortunate enough to experience how strong nature is. You know sometimes the simplest things are the greatest. Humac too, is simple and effective. However due to it being organic, it will react differently based on the feed it is used with. We need to make sure to use the right feed which is compatible with Humac, this isn't a hard task though as long as the ingredients are nutritious and low on toxins. Humac constantly keeps in mind the needs of the organization, protecting, representing, helping even in the most desperate situations.

My task is to support the work of Humac, like when I put the team together and we created our Humac Help cream.

A brilliant recent example here. At first, the customer reviewed our cream.

„Dear Humac!

I have been a quiet follower of the site so far, but allow me to share my own and my Zora’s experience with the cream. Zora was allergic to everything, rubbing her chest until pus appeared for two years straight, especially during summer she was scratching constantly and on her head she barely had any hair left. So she got steroid cream. I didn’t want her to be treated with such drugs long term. One day, out of the blue, your Humac products popped up on Facebook. I thought I'd give it a try as the vet also recommended it. And then a miracle happened, Zora finally has hair, the scratching is over. We’ve also returned to raw feeding. Oh and her allergy to pollen and large-grained sand, that's the past… ”

Our connection through Humac got stronger with the owner and we continued our conversation.

As I was talking with the her, it turned out that there were other issues with Zora with results that we couldn't believe.

“I know what it’s like to prolong life for a "child" without a variety of toxic drugs. Zora is 11 years old, has a metastatic condition and is no longer supposed to live according to doctors… Her breast cancer started 3 years ago. Malignant cancer. She was neutered, but it was still there. Surgery, medications, it looked like it was gone. But the tumors were came back. I didn't want more surgery. This year the doctor said she would no longer have the strength to hike. Yet we are very athletic, with 86 cups and 52 medals in Zora's collection. ”

But the owner did not give up, internally the Humac powder, externally the Humac Help cream, quietly, with hope, done their work and took care of the animal. Zora got another chance. When she should have no longer be living, the owner said the following:

“We completed a 2-day 52-kilometer tour 3 days ago. Well, it takes strength, but Zora loved it, even though she has cancer and is 11 years old. I am grateful for the product, of which I will continue to be a customer of! Because she is my "child" and that amazing power in the product helped masssively . Thanks!

 Mariann Kovács and Zora”

Nature does its thing and pays attention to those who still has tasks in this life. Zora got some more time, just to make the owner and their little world happier!

Well done Zora! True survivor!

Ildiko Bara

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