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We would like to point out that veterinary diagnostic treatment is not a substitute for any product.

1. What is Humic acid?

Humic acid is a high molecular, polymerized, aromatic compound with very complex structures and significant physical-chemical properties. Due to its structure, it can react with almost all types of compounds.

2. What is HUMAC Natur AFM?

It is a 100% natural material. The brownish-black powder is obtained from oxy-humol (leonardite) which is a substance produced by the natural humification of prehistoric plant-derived materials. Its aroma and taste are reminiscent of humus soil.

Thanks to its unique properties, its effectiveness is NOT derived from a humic salt form (which is a result of a technological modification). Instead, our HUMAC® Natur AFM products are made with a natural extraction process, therefore they have high biological efficacy.

3. How to feed?

HUMAC® Natur AFM should be sprinkled on the animal feed in a 1:100 g ratio. For example, 100 grams of feed requires 1 gram of supplement (1x small measuring spoon provided in pack). It can be added to all types of feed. Measuring the right amount does not depend on the weight of the animal but the amount of feed consumed. In the case of dry feed, it is advisable to sprinkle some water on the feed before adding HUMAC® Natur AFM.

In case of diarrhoea or sick, use 3-4 x the daily measure for at least 4-5 days.

Use HUMAC® Natur AFM with all main meals as it binds toxins from the feed and helps their tummy absorb the “good stuff”.

4. I used too much HUMAC® Natur AFM on their feed?

It is never too much. The animal body utilizes just as much as it needs.

5. How long should I give my pet HUMAC® Natur AFM?

HUMAC® Natur AFM can be fed continously.

6. Should I take a break if I am using your product(s) for a longer period of time?

No. It can be fed continously as it is a natural material. We recommend a constant use as humic acid continues to work for 4 days after the last feeding. As it binds the toxins and replenishes important minerals and trace elements it helps with preventing health problems to reappear.

7. My pet can ruin his/her stomach very easily, but he’s/she's healthy right now. Is it still worth feeding your products as a preventative measure?

Yes, probably he/she has a slightly weaker gut flora. 75% of the immune system starts in the gut, so a slight inbalance can cause an upset stomach. This can be traced back as one of the side effects of vaccinations, antibiotics, or food. The humic acid in Humac binds toxins, coats the intestinal wall with a thin antibacterial layer, helps the nutrient absorption, and balances the intestinal micro-flora. If your pet's diarrhea persists, we recommend a 3% increase of their usual Humac amount for 5 days.

8. Would Humac still work if I sprinkle it on the dry feed without spraying the feed with water first?

Of course, it will still work, but as it's a powdery consistency it won't stick to their dry feed. It is a common misconception that a dog needs chewing and therefore we do not put water on their dry feed. Unfortunately, the breakdown of their dry feed in their stomach is a much bigger challenge and it produces a lot of stomach acid. Over time, the enzyme production / pancreas / can get tired. Moreover pasteurization kills enzymes in food. We recommend their dry feed with water, and for teeth, a natural material such as raw bone or dried meat snacks, which also helps to occupy themselves. Flavoured snacks can contain additives and grains, therefore we do not recommend them.

9. Can Humac help with environmental allergies or just food allergies??

Fortunately, humic acid doesn’t pick between the two kinds of allergies. That’s just not how it works. It balances the immune system: More on the topic by our VET:

How does Humac work in case of allergies? How come it works when nothing has helped so far? The vet answers!

I would only partially explain allergies as a symptom, it is a complicated process.

But basically it is the body's incorrect response to various - external (and) or internal - effects.

The two issues are related. Humic acid binds allergens or at least a good portion of them.

This way the number of allergens are reduced. In many cases, allergies are not caused by one thing, but by several combined effects. The animal may be allergic to pollen, but it does not cause symptoms (subclinical). If, in addition to this, two other allergies are present, symptoms can appear, so the clinical form develops. If you manage to bind one or more allergens to eliminate them, there is a good chance that the symptoms will go away. By binding a good portion of allergens, some of which we are unaware of, humic acid can reduce the amount of allergens to a level that is no longer a problem.

The immune system is strengthened by humic acid administration. This not only means an enhanced function, especially on a humoral immune response level, but also a right functioning. It is bound to almost all enzyme functions in the body. Micro and macro elements are important for the formation of enzymes. These are all present in humic acid, so this is also replaced if deficiency disease is the cause of the allergy.

The body's ability to defend itself depends largely on the condition of the digestive system. Humic acid brings the state of the digestive system closer to its physiological state.

So if you have an allergic pet, figuring out what the cause is sometimes almost impossible. Different substances may not be allergenic on their own, but together, or with their decomposition products together, they can. Therefore, sometimes if the examination is ineffective, some of the symptoms are reduced, just so your pet does not suffer as much.

Due to the above mentioned, Humic acid is a solution, because it simultaneously binds - what is needed -, replaces trace elements, helps the body's own functioning.

10. What if my pet doesn't want to eat Humac?

The product does not contain fragrances or aromatizers. Animals are instinctive about the consumption of Humac® Natur AFM. If its your pet’s first time, start with a small amount, just a little sprinkle, then slowly increase the measure. Another solution is to skip a meal. It sounds drastic, but it doesn't harm the animal. For cats, adding canned fish or oil to their diet can help.

11. How does it work?

Once HUMAC® Natur AFM is consumed, it locks a lot of the toxins and allergens in the food. Thus, the animal’s excretory organs are relieved and the regeneration of the body is enhanced.

Humic acids restore the intestinal flora, hence improving absorption.

In the case of deficiency disorders, the microelements are also there for the body for support. Micro- and macro elements are important for the functioning of enzymes.

The immune system strengthens as a result of the administration of humic acid. It not only acts as a natural enhancer (mainly the humoral immune response) but also supports the proper functioning of the animal organism.

The ability of the body to defend itself depends to a great extent on the condition of the digestive system. Humic acid helps to keep the condition of the digestive system to its physiological state.

12. Diarrhoea, loss of appetite?

We recommend to increase the measure of HUMAC by 3-4x for a minimum of 4-5 days in case diarrhoea appears, moreover the change of their feed to a better quality and a more natural type is recommended.

13. Can Humac be mixed with anything or are there exceptions?

It can be given with any feed, dry, wet, raw or home made. But the quality of dry feeds aren't always the best. Make sure there are no crabs, mussels or toxin binders in your feed. The compatibility of Humac with feeds depends on your pet's stool. If its looser or diarrhoea occurs, Humac is just in the process of immediately removing substances that are indigestible to the animal. In some feeds, you can find ingredients that are to make their stool harder, like bentonite, powdered cellulose, sugar beet or pulp, potatoes, pomace, ground peanut shell. Some feeds claim on their packanging that they are fiber rich, but in fact they adjust the quality of their feed so that it does not run through the animal. Thus, it acts as a “plug” in the intestinal tract, so the animal has less chance of a possible poisoning…

14. Can Humac cause diarrhoea or vomiting?

If their feed contains diarrhoea blockers, Humac will bind those and wash them out their system as it isn't a natural substance and does not carry health benefits to the animal

Low-protein or high-fat foods can cause diarrhea with Humac.

Unique sensitivity can also occur with rice or with any other foods or diets as well. It may not have caused any symptoms so far, but with Humac a detoxification process starts. Toxins released from the liver are looking for a way out as soon as possible. In this case, the stool will be thinner for a few days, but e.g. allergic symptoms may also worsen. There are 2 things we can do: Reduce the dosage to 0.5% to slow down the process or add St. John’s wort seed oil to Humac to get the toxins out as soon as possible. These symptoms resolve within 5-7 days at the latest.

Some feeds contain crabs and mussels. These are to be avoided when administering Humac, as they may cause diarrhea. The body of our dogs aren't always able to process these as they are carnivorous mammals. 

Many pets get green mussels, shark cartilage and other sea extracts. Unfortunately, their quality is not always adequate. A significant portion of these agents are made from waste materials, and heat treatment does not eliminate all their bacteria. This is detected by the humic acid in Humac which tries to remove it from the body as soon as possible in the form of diarrhea. Elimnate the above mentioned extracts from their diet or look for a quality one.

15.  We were using Humac for 5 days when my pet started to vomit.

Humic acid provides the right pH base in the stomach and intestines, this is scientifically proven

So what could be the issue?

This is the effects of humic acid. The humic acid molecule strives to bind anything that is heavier than itself in molecular weight, and the toxins are all like that. If there is a digestive stimulant in the diet that helps process the food better, this is sensed by humic acid, which then binds it, so the food sometimes returns undigested in the form of vomiting.

The yellow discoloration of the dog’s vomit is due to bile dyes. Bile is normally excreted in the horseshoe gut to aid digestion and its responsible for fat breakdown. This does not happen

 What kind of component this is and why is it only in some feeds, we don't know

We suggest more and more customers to skip the food for a few days and try to give them meat, vegetables and well-cooked rice. Usually, veterinarians recommend this diet as well. You can expect an immediate result here, the vomiting completely disappeared. And after 1 week, the allergy also started to decrease.

In case the new diet does not solve the animal’s allergic or stomach problem and the owner insists, we recommend that you discontinou the use of Humac.

Even if the animal does not have kibble or other processed feeds, it can still occur as a symptom of detoxification, but it will resolve in a few days. This case Humac can be taken at 0.5% for 1-2 weeks.

16. Allergy medications and steroids /ex. Apoquell/

We recommend overlapping application. Start feeding HUMAC Natur AFM, then after 5 days the dose of the drug can be reduced and then completely discontinued. In the meantime, keep an eye on your pet’s symptoms.

17. Prevention?

Prevention, strengthening the immune system is better and more effective than healing.

18. Oestruction?

The product is also recommended for breeders due to its beneficial effect on oestrus.

19. Skin, fur?

HUMAC Natur AFM acts on several points of the body, so it is recommended as an adjunctive therapy in all cases. In our experience, scratching, reddening of the skin can stop, wounds start to heal, hair grows back slowly as it promotes the natural healing processes of the body. The hair can become shiny, strong and easy to comb.

20. What kind of animals do we suggest our product to?

We suggest our products to all animal species.

21. In what case of problems do we suggest Humac to be used?

- stomach issues

- skin and fur issues

- variety of infectious deseases

- dearrhoea

- lack of appetite

- change of feed

- when using antibiotics and antiparasitic agents

- musculoskeletal and neurological problems

- in case of allergies (pollen as well)

- general immune system strenghtening

- roboration, vitality, to preserve the health of elderly animals

- postoperative rehabilitation, treatments, diseases

- regeneration of overbred animals

- to prevent dysplasia

- to solve oestrus problems

- in non-neutered animals, it can also help prevent pseudopregnancy.

22. How long does it take for Humac to work?

The beneficial effect on the digestive tract and digestion occurs quickly within 1-2 days. For skin or fur it can take between two weeks to two months for the first results to show. The type of feed and it's quality can have a great effect on the effectiveness of Humac as well.

23. Can I give it at the same time as other dietary supplements or should I wait?

All you have to remember is that Humac is paired well with all natural materials and even helps to incorporate them, and it only binds non-natural materials. Therefore, it should only be separated from medicaton. Medicine first and then Humac 2 hours later. 

It is also recommended as adjunctive therapy to medication.

24. How can I choose from all the humic acid products on the market, which one is the quality one, the original? Is there an indication on the packaging usually?

All products placed on the market today have a license clearly stated in English. For example our Humac Help cream's registration number is: 1278/1/2019 NÉBIH ÁTI (50 ml) or our Humac Natur AFM powder is: SK100900.

Another issue is the origin of humic acid products present on the market. There are 2 ways to obtain humic acid from nature, from sludge in a chemical process, or from leonardite, by natural activation. Typically, the first, partially soluble in water, has a stronger odor of hypermanganese. This is actually humic salt because the humic acid is planted on salt crystals. It is not recommended on the long run, as it can damage the kidneys and only covers a smaller area of the body. The material from leonardite is obtained though mechanical activation, which is a natural process and is able to exert its effect continuously. Although this type is a bit granular when mixed into any material. Although is some products the two types of humic acid are mixed, water solubility helps to find out.

25. How long does it take for you to fulfil my order?

We post your parcels within 1-2 days of ordering with 1st class Royal Mail postage.

26. How can I pay?

You can pay for our products with credit card, debit card or PayPal.

27. What company do you use to ship your products?

We use the services of Royal Mail unless requested by the customer otherwise.

28. Shipping cost?

We ship all of our products free to the UK. Worldwide shipping costs £10.

29. Do you ship worldwide?

We ship all of our products free to the UK. Worldwide shipping costs £10.

30. Humac isn't for me. What can I do?

Not 100% satisfied? We believe in our products so much that if you are not 100% satisfied with it, we will refund the price of your HUMAC if you notify us within 30 days of the purchase. All we ask is that you donate your remaining bag of HUMAC to an animal shelter of your choice.

31. How does your refunds work?

Your refund will be issued and an email notification will be sent to you once the transaction is processed. This may take up to 5-10 days depending on your bank.

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