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A 100% natural immunity booster for animals. Would you like your pet's allergies to be a thing of the past?

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100% natural
Immunity booster
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The lack of clean foods can cause diseases and even allergies

Pet foods from the mainstream manufacturing process can be contaminated and contain allergens, causing problems in our pets’ physiological systems that can result in nasty symptoms. There is now a way to treat this without harsh chemicals.

Allergy symptoms and deficiency diseases

Fur loss
Digestive problems
Skin conditions
Acid vomiting
Leg biting
Ear inflammation
Loss of appetite
Kidney problems
Intestinal inflammation
Liver problems
  • In almost 2 weeks, the dog's vitality returned and hair growth began. We never thought his fur would be more beautiful than ever.

    A. Sudak
  • We bought two 8 week old puppies a week and a half ago. They both started vomiting a few days later and had diarrhoea. I quickly took them to the VET. They didn’t improve despite 5 days of antibiotics, anti-diarrhoea drugs, appetite boosters, diet and stomach protectors. I gave them Humac powder for the first time last night, today they are visibly much better. I can only recommend it to everyone :)

    D. Devai
  • I would like to say thanks for this great product. Efi is allergic to pollen, grass and chicken, which materialized in nasty purulent rashes. Since we used HUMAC, her body is beautiful, sometimes there is some redness, but it’s very rare, it only comes out when she is crawling in grass. The Humac Help cream is perfect! I recently started feeding her chicken which caused no symptoms. Needless to say I was very surprised. Her coat became as soft as a puppy dog's too. Before, she always had coarse hair. Now, with the Humac powder, she can finally be her real self.

    L. Kecskes
  • Hello! I just want to say thank you very much! For 8 years, no doctor could help my dog! We tried everything… nothing and no one helped. I'm just sorry I didn't give him Humac sooner !! And thank you !!!!! And the pictures speak for themselves.

    A. Hauszler
  • I never write reviews! Huge thanks to you! My 11 year old puppy has been taking antacids 3 times a day for months! Also, vomiting from the acid and had very little sleep, stumbling at night! The doctor could not recommend anything other than diet and antacid! I haven't slept in months. One such night I found you, you were our last refuge! As soon as the Humac arrived we left the antacid and following all the instructions I started giving him the Humac. From that day on he has no acid, doesn’t eat grass, doesn’t have a stomach ache and sleeps through the night! He is taking Humac for 2.5 weeks now and after just two days all his symptoms stopped!

    B. Demeter Toth
Your pet's best friend

A natural immune system booster with active humic acid - for allergy symptoms and overall health

Humac contains active humic acid in its natural form, which binds toxins and excretes them from the animal. This is how your pet’s immune system heals itself. It works in small amounts in their daily diet.

Binds toxins

Humic acid absorbs a significant portion of toxins which then are excreted from the body. This is how natural self-healing can begin.

Replenish minerals

HUMAC is rich in the vital minerals and trace elements that your pet’s body needs.

Easy feeding

Just sprinkle Humac on your pet’s daily meal with the measuring spoon provided.

Less than £1 a day

HUMAC is measured by the weight of their food. Plus, preventative care is better than the expenses of medicinal healing.

No more worrying

Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have to give expensive medications and run to vets because you found a durable and natural solution.

Compatible with all feeding types

It can also be used for dry food, wet food, home cooking or raw feeding.

30 day, 100% money back guarantee

If Humac does not work for your pet, we will refund the price of the product. We get a lot of positive feedback from our customers, so we hope it will work for you too. If for some reason your pet doesn’t eat it or it doesn’t bring the desired effect, please donate the remaining bag to a local animal sanctuary and receive a full refund. Our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority. We want you and your pet to spend happy and carefree times together. Because every animal deserves a healthy life.
Noemi Flak
Our Humac Family

Natural regeneration and immune boosting in 3 steps

When you give your beloved animal HUMAC, you are supporting their body’s natural self-healing processes, all without synthetic chemicals.

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Easy daily feeding

You can easily measure the amount of HUMAC needed for your pet’s feed with the help of the measuring spoon provided.

More care free time together

Unforgettable moments spent together, stress free days and nights.
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Lasting and easy solution and it is easy to feed

Break free from the stress of feeding medication. HUMAC is a natural material, therefore it doesn't have side effects and you know it can only do good.

Who do we suggest humac for?

Every animal deserves a happy and healthy life.

For allergy symptoms
Imagine that you no longer have to worry about when the symptoms will come back again. Humac detoxifies and supports the immune system, so you can spend stress free, quality time with your pet.
For overal immune boosting
Your beloved animal will have a stronger immune system which will result in less chance of getting sick. Many farmers report that they use a veterinarian less often (only for mandatory vaccinations) and spend less on medicine.
For elderly animals
Good appetite, vitality and alleviation of joint problems. Humac binds most of their toxins and is rich in minerals, helping your pets live long and healthy lives.
For competitors
Whether it’s beauty or outstanding performance, Humac makes champions. Thanks to detoxification and optimal bowel function, the coat will be healthy, rich and shiny, and the animal will be cheerful and energetic.
For breeders
HUMAC has a positive effect on the oestrus of the parents. Uniformly developed and healthier offspring are born into the world. Adequate gut flora in newborns and for small dogs is especially important for establishing a lasting and healthy adulthood.
Shelters and animal rescues
We want to help as many animals as possible, so if you’re working in a shelter or animal rescue yourself, or have come across a case where we can help, contact us and we’ll try to help. You can read about their success stories here.

Hello hooman

You are a super pet owner! You're still here. You read these lines and want to take care of your pet’s health. You want the best for your beloved animal.

Maybe you felt hopeless about the situation because you tried it all. You rushed to the vet, tried all kinds of feeding, medicine and ointment. But you want a lasting solution that not only treats the symptoms, but really does good to your pet’s body. Which thus heals itself, without synthetic chemicals.

We want your pet to be healthy too, because that way your everyday life will be more beautiful. Humac is made using a patented process and contains a high proportion of active ingredient humic acid, which has already helped thousands of pets. We also want to see you as a proud and happy owner.
The gift of nature

10 reasons to choose HUMAC

Natural immunity booster. The intestinal system not only plays a role in your pet’s digestion, it is also essential for the proper functioning of their immune system.
Regular use of Humac supports the growth of good bacteria in the intestines, the development of a healthy microbiological environment and optimizes the pH of the intestinal tract.
It stimulates the detoxification processes of the body. It binds a significant portion of the toxins and heavy metals that can enter our pet’s body through nutrition and the environment.
It supports the optimal functioning of the body by providing the minerals and trace elements it contains. In addition, it is all easily absorbed by the body as it is in a chelated form.
It has an immunostimulatory effect, which exerts partly directly on the intestinal mucosa and partly on the body humoral defenses. The humoral immune response is doubled.
It can help with digestion, absorption of vitamins and nutrients.
Humic acid is perhaps one of nature’s most powerful antiviral agents and has long been known in human medicine.
Humic acid reduces the proliferation of free radicals, thereby reducing the acceleration of inflammation, chronic diseases and aging processes.
Humic acid approximates the state of the digestive system to its physiological state as it binds what it needs, replaces trace elements, and helps the organization to function on its own.
Humac contains a much more effective humic acid activated by a unique process.
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