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How It Works

This is me…Noémi

I have started a small business with my mom back in Hungary where we manufacture and sell HUMAC, which contains 65% humic acid, which I will talk a bit more about soon. We started this business as one of our dogs were ill, scratching, skin rashes, fur gone, vet bills piling… and nothing seemed to help until we scattered through the internet and discovered the benefits of humic acid. Once our dog healed we wanted to spread this knowledge in hope of helping others as well. We posted a lot of videos and showed the product to dog breeders, kennels showed it off on dog shows and it slowly started to be more and more popular as our customers experienced how their pets recovered from illnesses that they couldn’t recover from for years.

HUMAC is not a mixture of out of this world ingredients that was made by German scientists in a famous Swiss laboratory 🙂 HUMAC is nature itself. A one ingredient product that can actually be found around us. It is called humic acid which is a good acid that formed millions of years ago from compressed plants under the ground preserving the minerals, anti oxidants and a lot of other good stuff that is beneficial to our and our pets health.

We are now in almost every pet store in Hungary, our online sales are very popular and we even made it to national TV.

My goal is to make HUMAC as popular here in the UK as it is in Hungary and help pet owners to have their loved animals happy and healthy again.

Why do our pets have allergies?

Usually animals’ immune system is strong and when there are just one or two things they are allergic to, their body respond well and therefore there are no symptoms. However when we are talking about a few things that enter their body and they are allergic to, that’s when we see the reactions. These can be licking the paws or different body parts then this transforms into scratching and finally loss of fur and rashes can occur. The reason for this is that when the immune system (sometimes mistakenly) identifies something as a toxic or harmful material, with the help of the excretory system, it pushes it as far as it can to the edges of the body far from the main organs such as the heart, lungs or liver, so these toxins end up near the skin.

Allergies can be a genetic problem, specific to a specific breed or caused by over breeding, and when it’s triggered, it’s by exposure to whatever they’re allergic to. The most common allergens are beef, dairy, wheat, egg, chicken, lamb, soy, pork, rabbit, and fish. And, most dogs are usually allergic to more than one thing.

The role of the immune system…

is to protect the body from foreign invaders. There are numerous types of immune system cells that travel throughout the bloodstream. A critical component of the immune system is the ability to determine what is good for your body and what is harming it. When something is detected that could hurt your body, the immune system makes antibodies that attach to the harmful cell. These antibodies signal other cells to attack or destroy the invader.

A healthy immune system easily distinguishes between harmless compounds and those that trigger a disease.

Why are our and our pets immune system weaker?

In that most of our food supply, and our wider environment, as now been interfered with and contaminated to such an extent, that we need to work harder to keep ourselves and our animals healthy. Many essential substances, such as humic acid, that was an essential part of nutrient and energy transfer within the food chain, are now depleted. In today’s modern western world, unfortunately we need to proactively work to keep our and our pets bodies free from contaminants and harmful substances, to remain healthy.

How does humic acid help?

The right combination of plant matter, minerals, pressure and temperature has created the humic substances which are highly effective in detoxing the body of heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins, while at the same time providing the body, at a cellular level, with essential trace minerals that are now lacking from normal soil, plants and any kind of food.

humic acid has this amazing ability due to its size to enter cells in the body, collect the toxins, switch them with minerals, anti oxidants, vitamins and make its way out once its job done.

So humic acid makes the nutrients we consume more readily available by all bodies cells. This is crucial to health. Because the humic acid has a very small molecular weight, it can pass easily through the cells protective membranes, bringing nutrients, minerals and vitamins in the right quantities to exactly where they are needed. It can actually transport over 60 times its own weight in vitamins and minerals into cells! It also improves the absorption of nutrients via the digestive system. In summary humic acid increases the retention, absorption, and efficient utilization of nutrients in foods and supplements so it improves the overall health and functioning of the body.

So HUMAC, contains 65% humic acid I would love it if you would give it a try and see the wonders it can do to your pet’s health.



Why do our pets have digestive problems?

You probably noticed that there are more and more pets with digestive issues than ever. This is down to the pollution of feed, all the ”extra” ingredients that are in the feed, as well as, the lack of nutrients that once our food was rich from, now lacks. Mass production is definitely a factor to blame, however from what I see in my close environment is that over breeding is also a massive issue. Animals are bred to such an extent, that their body lacks basic functions to just simply survive, not to mention their immune system just fails against any harmful element of food or allergen.

There are many symptoms that can be a hint for a digestive issue, for example dearrhoea, vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy, depression or anorexia. Sadly there are many reasons that can cause digestive problems as well, starting from little changes in their diet to a disease for example. So some reasons behind digestive issues could be changing their feed, eating indigestible foods or garbage, bacterial infections, parasites, viruses, IBS, or gastroenteritis. Most commonly, problems occur due to the activation of a pathway by a toxin, or due to inherent abnormalities in the enterocytes. Just like in case of allergies, digestive problems can also be solved by just a bit of boost of the immune system. You see when the immune system (sometimes mistakenly) identifies a substance as a toxin, it does its best to try to get rid of it. So this “toxin” will be washed out of the body either in the form of diarrhoea or vomit.

How can HUMAC help?

HUMAC is an organic and biologically active substance. Now what does that mean? Imagine a tiny ball with a brain. Humic acid is programmed to bind/eat the toxins once it enters the body and in order for it to make space in itself for this toxin, it releases minerals, vitamins and trace elements that are vital to support the natural healing processes of the body. Therefore HUMAC not only collects and binds the toxins, but supports it with nutrients that are crucial for the recovery of the body or sick area. It is also an important fact that humic acid molecules are super small, making it’s travel easier and closer to the area that needs improvement.

Why is HUMAC fed with feed?

Good question. It is easier to feed it by just sprinkling it on their feed every time they are fed. However, it is also because humic acid has this wonderful characteristics of making all the nutrients that their feed already has more readily available. Basically it helps with the absorption of vitamins, minerals and everything else that is good in their feed. Minerals for example are crucial for cell regeneration, therefore they can help with the self healing processes in case of an irritation, disease or infection. Vitamins among many roles, they are responsible for a healthy immune system as well. The healthier the immune system, the better it can function and act as a shield against foreign invaders.

Are you tired of rashes, itches and different other skin conditions your pet has? Oh and fur loss?…aghhh

It is normal for our pets to shed fur. However whats not normal is to shed to a point where there are noticeable empty patches on the fur. It is always good to keep an eye on our pet’s new habits. Are they scratching more than usual, do they try to bite a certain area on their body, do they rub against hard surfaces or do you see them constantly licking a spot?

These can all be alarming symptoms of a skin-fur condition.

There could be many reasons behind skin problems and fur loss, for example issues with digestion, insects, bacterial/yeast infection or being sensitive to grooming products. Rashes, itchy patches, sores, bumps, blisters and scabs are the usual signs of these conditions. Most commonly its allergies to blame for skin-fur issues. As it was mentioned in our allergies section, allergies happen when the immune system (sometimes mistakenly) identifies something as a toxic or harmful material and with the help of the excretory system, it pushes it as far as it can to the edges of the body, far from the main organs such as the heart, lungs or liver, so these toxins end up near the skin in the form of rashes, spots or just simply as an itch.

How can HUMAC help?

You probably already know HUMAC’s effect on toxins. Since allergic reactions are due to toxins

1, a bélflórát helyreállítja, ezáltal javul a felszívódás, csökken a méreganyagok szervezetbe jutása

2, megköti a mérgeket, az allergének jó részét

3, az immunrendszert megerősíti, javul a bőr immunválasza is

4, a mikroelemeket leadja a szervezetbe, így hiánybetegségek esetén is hasznos

(A hormonális elváltozásoknál szintén okozhat javulást.)

A fenti hatások miatt több tisztázatlan bőrbetegségnél is eredményes volt a használata.

It is never too much. The animal body utilizes just as much as it needs.

It is never too much. The animal body utilizes just as much as it needs.